The Original Garden Broom Review

I am very excited to share with you all this beautiful garden tool, the Garden Broom! Considering my deep passion for spending time out in the garden, I cherish garden tools that are actually useful in my daily upkeep.

When I was first introduced to the Original Garden Broom’s facebook page I was very intrigued, which quickly grew into excitement. How brilliant to have a broom for the yard! I love the movement of sweeping, and for many yard projects I would much prefer this over the pulling motion of a rake.

What is the Original Garden Broom?

“Sturdier than a broom and handier than a rake” Is a tag line on their website, which I have to agree with! The Garden Broom is an environmentally friendly, durable tool to add to your yard care supplies.

Sustainable. Each Garden Broom is constructed from recycled materials from the coconut tree. The fallen branches of the coconut tree are collected and stripped for the center rib, which becomes the working part of your broom. Next the coconut shell husks are collected, soaked in water for 30 days, and then stripped into coir fibers. This becomes the twine that weaves together the broom. And then the coconut shells are turned into a cap piece for each broom.

Beautiful Craftsmanship. I am truly impressed with the quality of my Garden Broom. It is clear that each piece is crafted with attention to detail, and with durability in mind. This will be a tool that offers many years of use if taken care of properly.

Ethical Trade. Franmar International, the company offering the Original Garden Broom not only wants to bring an incredibly useful product to North America, they also have a passion to create as many jobs as possible in rural Sri Lanka through the practice of ethical trade.

The Garden Broom In Action!

As soon as I received my Garden Broom I could hardly wait to get out in the yard to try it out. I wanted to use it in as many applications as I could think of.

First I used it on our grass, to tidy up some grass clippings and raspberry leafs that had accumulated since our last lawn mowing. I was impressed at how well it grabbed every little particle that I was trying to move and just swept it all into a pile, it can really reach down in between all the grass blades and clean up all kinds of things.. It left the grass looking freshly combed! It was just beautiful.

Then I took it in between our raspberry rows to clean up the dirt path. This is where the garden broom really shone! Wow, it just cleaned up that path in a few strokes (Photo Above). I have a lot of dirt paths in between our various food garden rows, so I can see this being an amazing asset to keeping those areas cleaned up. When I tried it out in my vegetable garden I was even able to pull out some of the smallest weed seedlings with the sweeping. While this will not be my magical solution to weeding, this will be a great help to at least make a dent in the weed population.

And as a grand finale I headed over to our cement parking pad, which often gets gravel from our driveway kicked up on it. I wanted to see how well the Garden Broom worked at moving off the gravel and the associated debris. Well as you can see from these photos, it worked great! With one sweep I was able to move a large portion of the material. It would only take a couple of passes to clear off our parking area. I really appreciate that this broom is able to move heavier materials such as rocks. And yet, if you wanted to clean debris from your gravel driveway or patio, all you would have to do is use a gentler touch and the gravel would stay put.

I love the versatility of this product, and I look forward to many years of use in my yard and garden. I have no doubt that I will keep finding more ways to use this hardy garden workhorse!

Where Can I Find It?

The Original Garden Broom is sold throughout the United States and Canada. You can do a search on their website The Original Garden Broom to see if any stores in your area carry it. My bit of advice is, if no results come back for your city, search the zip codes for the cities near you.

If you can’t find any near you, head into your local garden supply store and let them know that you would love to see the Garden Broom on their shelves!

This Garden Broom was provided to me for an unbiased review, no other compensation was received for this review. For more information about The Garden Broom and Franmar International, visit their website The Original Garden Broom, or their Facebook Page.


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